Barry Hoare lives in London and likes to day dream and eat cake, he is easily distracted and tends to start things and then not finish them. He went to University to study Digital Modelling and Animation. Three years later he decided it wasn’t for him.


After working some shitty jobs He realised if he didn’t have some sort of creative outlet he might become just another empty eyed miserable bastard. So He started drawing again, and even attempted some 2D flash animations. It soon became clear to him that to do anything worth while it takes ages! you also needed voice actors and music and decent equipment etc. etc. also talent.


As comics are a great medium for expressing a single vision, and take less time to complete than animations, he set about creating his own comic strip for the web. This allowed him to get started right away and hopefully reach people with a similar sense of humour. Luckily he already had lots of material laying around from failed animated shorts.


Some Fun Facts about Barry Hoare. (all 100% true)


He once won an archery competition.


He was once bitten by an anaconda. It was a baby yellow anaconda but still counts!


He’s allergic to papaya!


He has an epileptic dog named Harper.


He took the top position in the high school chess club for all of ten minutes. He was beaten almost straight away in his next match.


He likes to talk about himself in the third person.


He once drank ten pints of guinness and didn’t throw up.


He’s a member of the British Tarantula Society.


His bedroom has snakes in it!


He once tried to jump a river and didn’t make it.


He gets lost when driving to new places.


He has poor eyesight.


He buys books he never reads.


His worst fear is being abducted by aliens.


He Takes his Tea white with one sugar.


He is a Mammal.


He loves vikings!