What is Ends ‘n’ Means about?


Ends ā€˜nā€™ Means, is a comic strip that follows the lives of three friends, an obese rabbit and a psychopathic iguana. They all share a house in an imaginary London suburb on a street called ” Roper Street”. It’s a comic about high hopes, low standards and bitter disappointment.


What’s with the name?

Ends ‘n’ Means or (Ends and Means) is a broard term that encompasses everything about the usual slice of life comic strip theme. For example, characters have wants, needs, desires etc (Ends) and the fun part is watching them go about getting it, (or mainly failing to get it) (Means).


How often is Ends ‘n’ Means updated?


Updates are Monday, Wednesday and Friday! The time of day they go up is another matter entirely šŸ˜‰


What do you use to make the comic strip?


Older strips are done using Flash, with an intuos 3 graphics tablet. The latest ones are made using Photoshop CS4 and my shiny new cintiq which I sold my soul for. You can probably tell by the art style when I switched, I don’t know how I ever used a tablet?


How long does it take you to complete a strip?


Ages! Well, some can take 2 hours, some 4 hours or more, if there’s a lot of colouring it can be like 5 hours!


What’s your favourite colour?




Are the characters based on real people?


Sean is based mostly on myself, but very exaggerated ( hopefully). Ray was inspired by a good friend of mine (Human not Rabbit). Kurtis is made up out of thin air, and is probably the oldest character in Ends ‘n Means. I have always loved reptiles, and have been drawing cartoon lizards like him since I was young. Somewhere along the line I decided he would have an ambition for world domination… I Don’t think this had anything to do with watching lots of Pinky and the Brain as a child šŸ˜‰

Sean’s sister is actually my sister, but she isn’t called Sasha, she does however work in the legal profession. Phil was actually my first design for Sean, but got changed later on, his personality is invented but does have traits of people I have met, ditto for Jack. Phil and Jack are actually older characters than Sean and Ray, in the beginning my idea was to have Phil, Jack and Kurtis living in a flat, although back then Phil was called Sean and Jack wasn’t stupid.

By the way, the Names Jack and Sean were taken from a shop I used to like called Jack Sean’s. I think it was an Army Surplus shop, it always had cool stuff in the window, although I wasn’t old enough to buy anything cool back then.


What can I do to help support Ends ‘n’ Means


Tell people about it! Send them links and stuff plus facebook it and things!


Can I hire you?


Yes, but no kissing on the mouth.Ā  All joking aside, yes if you like my style and want some illustration work done, then send an email my way.Ā  baz at endsnmeans dot com